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Expert Solutions for the Safe Handling and Transport of Hazardous Bulk Products

OPW Fluid Transfer Group (OPWFTG), part of Dover Corporation (NYSE:DOV), is comprised of market-leading operating companies, each dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing world-class solutions for the safe handling and transporting of hazardous bulk products. In addition to these companies, OPWFTG has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, Brazil and India; and sales offices in Singapore, and China.

Throughout the world, OPWFTG companies are hard at work ensuring the safe processing and transportation of hazardous products and safeguarding against costly petroleum and chemical spills, tank overfills and fugitive vapor emissions. Whether your need is in the chemical plant, at the terminal loading rack, or outfitting a fleet of rail tank cars, cargo tanks or dry-bulk trailers, OPWFTG systems set the standard for safety, performance and peace-of-mind assurance in the most rigorous and demanding applications. If the safe, profitable handling of hazardous liquids and dry bulk commodities such as gasoline and diesel, chlorine, chlor-alkali products, LPG, acids, cement, flour and starch, among others, is your concern, trust OPWFTG.

OPW Fluid Transfer Group Global Presence

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